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Shenzhen Unionleds Photoelectric Co.,Ltd. was established in 2008, located in Shenzhen Longgang District. Our factory occupy more then 10,000 square meters,have more than 100 well trained workers and more than 10 engineers with 10 years experiences and more than 20 sales persons for domestic and overseas business developing. Our major products includes DIP led, SMD led, COB, LED backlight,LED light panel and led light box. We can also custom making other led products as per customer¨s requires. We always provided good solutions and useful advises for our customer¨s request. Our factory have past the latest ISO9001:2015 and the TUV authority. All our products past ROHS certificate and some products past CE,REACH,UL and DLC certificates. We currently do business with more than 30 counntries, and more than 1000 overseas customers ....
  Product Main campLed light box、Double face led light box、Slim led light box、RGB led light box、Advertising led light box、Kiosk led light box、Decoration led light box、Waterproof led light box、White led light box、shopping led light box
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